What has kindness ever done for you?

Have you ever wondered why we are kind? Today is World Kindness Day but for our own health every day should be Kindness Day. We are hardwired for kindness. That means that our brain rewards us when we are kind … Continue reading »

World Menopause Day 2017

World Menopause Day 2017 is on18 October. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of women’s midlife health issues. Many women believe that their menopause experience is controlled by their genes. But your menopause does not need to be the … Continue reading »

Midlife Sleep Tips

I am delighted to be making a guest appearance at the Midlife Retreat, with my good friend Kay Newton. Kay and I first met at a retreat she was facilitating in Mallorca Spain a few years ago and as they … Continue reading »

Resolutions and Willpower

Second week of January and keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions may be becoming a bit more of a challenge. Many clients say to me ‘Can you help me have more willpower?’  So what is willpower and where does it … Continue reading »

Why gratitude is good for you.

Christmas time is so busy and there is so much abundance of food and parties and gifts it can be easy to forget to show gratitude. Many years ago, my mother worked as a playground assistant in a local school. … Continue reading »


I keep hearing people saying how stressed they have been feeling since the events of the last few weeks.  All the uncertainty is leading to worrying thoughts and a sense of lack of control. Prolonged feelings of stress are not … Continue reading »

Lessons I Learned from Traffic in India

The first time I was taken for a drive through Delhi traffic, I thought my face would be set in an imitation of ‘The Scream’! As I stared through the windscreen I could see every sort of vehicle, motorised, people … Continue reading »

Give or Give Up for Lent?

Easter is early this year and we are already in Lent. For Christians and non-Christians this can be a time of reflection and preparation for Spring.  A lot of people give something up that they enjoy during the seven weeks … Continue reading »

Tinnitus Awareness

8-14 February 2016 is Tinnitus Awareness Week. The name of that event is ironic as most people who experience tinnitus would rather not be aware of it! I have experienced tinnitus every day, 24/7 since I had a viral attack … Continue reading »

Good Nutrition not Diet

The turkey is finished, the Christmas tree has been put out in the garden, the decorations are back in the loft. It is time to get on with 2016. After the excesses of Christmas a lot of us decide we … Continue reading »