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In the UK there are around 4.3 million women aged 50 and over in employment (ONS 2015) and this number is increasing year on year. About 75% of women in their late 40s and 50s will be adversely affected by menopause symptoms, physical, emotional and psychological. These symptoms can impact their performance and career progression.

Menopause Management Training

Pat Duckworth Women’s Health and Workplace Menopause Strategist

The implications for businesses and organisations who do not provide appropriate support for their female staff include; increased absenteeism, under-performance, higher sick absence, lower productivity and staff retention issues. There is also an increased risk of menopause related Employment Tribunal cases.

Part of he solution is to provide more education and information to managers about the symptoms of menopause and how to support colleagues through this natural transition.

Solving the Problems

Pat Duckworth solves these problems and more:

  • Understanding menopause as a workplace issue

  • How to make reasonable adjustments and provide support
  • Providing menopause education for employees that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion


  • An understanding of the business benefits of supporting women at menopause
  • Improved staff performance and retention
  • Reduced risk of menopause related tribunal cases
  • Ability to offer advice and support to Line Managers and colleagues
  • A strategic Action Plan for managing workplace menopause

Pat Duckworth offers:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Seminars and Training
  • One to One Menopause Coaching

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  • Consultancy
  • Menopause Cafe Hosting and Facilitation


Caroline Broad, Wellbeing Consultant. Skills Development Trainer.

“I enjoyed the course very much and look forward to using the new tools I’ve been given.”

“An excellent course – so much covered in such a short time. One of the best courses I’ve attended in a very long time”.

About Pat Duckworth

Pat Duckworth worked at senior management level in the Public Sector for over 30 years. Twelve years ago she transferred all of that knowledge  and experience into setting up her own business, specialising in helping senior women leaders.

She has written five books on the subject of menopause and has delivered speeches, training and workshops for clients in the public and private sectors.

Pat is an international public speaker and has spoken at conferences and workshops in Singapore, India, America, Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, and Spain. She has written articles for national newspapers and professional magazines.

Pat is a popular guest on podcasts and radio shows including BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

In October 2022 Pat hosted Menopause Cafe Royston which was reported on BBC Look East and the BBC Breakfast Programme

Contact me for more details or to book Pat for your event.


Pat Duckworth at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire