Say Yes To The Mess

The midlife years can be a bit of a mess. Menopause can bring with it a re-evaluation of your life, not just your physical health but where you have got to and where you want to go. It can be a powerful opportunity to set the agenda for the next stage of your life if we are prepared to say yes to the mess.

My guest on the Hot Women Rock Radio Show this week was Monica Rodgers is a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women. She inspires women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal liberation and awakening.

Through her Revelation Project Podcast and group coaching programs, Monica guides women through their inner (r)evolution, from trance to transcendence, revealing the toxic myths of social conditioning and self-doubt in order to illuminate the magic and magnificence of our imperfect selves.

She shared with me her 7 steps to Feminine Freedom.

Monica’s Story

‘In 2009 I experienced a breakdown of epic proportions that put me in bed for nearly eight months and nearly cost me my life. I had been unhappy, unfulfilled, anxious and numb for so long, I had forgotten what pleasure, joy, levity and ease even felt like. I had the universal smack-down and had to say ‘Yes to the Mess’ that my life had become.

It took me years to understand the damaging pressure that women are under in our insane culture and the cumulative traumatic impact of living in an environment where women are socially conditioned to disconnect from our true nature and hide our essential selves in order to survive.

I have dedicated my life’s work to help women unravel from years of social conditioning to reveal and reclaim our divine essence and birthright.  I guide women back to their wild, intuitive nature and help them come back to life with wisdom, confidence and unshakable inner knowing.

We are learning to access our power centres where we are told not to go during our conditioning. Using our voices. We’re saying ‘enough!’ We are enough. We feel enough. We are tapping into our intuition and our sensuality more deeply. We are in co-partnership with The Universe.

True enlightenment comes through the grit of life. As they say ‘no mud, no lotus’. Menopause gives us the opportunity to come into relationship with ourselves in an empowered way., in a way that celebrates all of the milestones in our lives. True success is when we have learned and integrated our insights. The involution is when we come into a new consciousness about our world and our place in the world.

We are in a tremendous time period now which Lynne Twist calls the Sophia Century. This is where we step into co-equal partnership with men and we give ourselves the right to sit at the table without having to know everything. We have birth rights as human beings that we’ve never really taken advantage of. But it’s never too late.

I have started to recognise that as I step into the crone years of my life I am filled with wonder and awe.  We can give ourselves the space and grace to create from a place of desire and passion.

Start by paying attention to what is calling you forward. Invest in yourself and do something for yourself whether it’s a retreat or a class or something different. Do that thing for yourself that will start to open everything up.

7 Steps to Feminine Freedom

Step 1 Reveal. What’s true for you? Offer transparency to yourself and those that love you. It’s okay to say ‘I’m in a mess right now and feeling vulnerable and confused. Things are falling apart.’ Allow yourself to know that nobody needs to fix you. Stop pretending not to know what is going on for you.

Step 2 Reckoning. What is the messy truth that you have to face and reckon with? Give yourself the time and the time and the space to contemplate what that is. It may not feel comfortable but it is better to lean into it than run away from it. Soften your heart and notice if there is any grief or unreleased emotion.

Women joining hands

Step 3 Reflect. Can you look tenderly on your life and reflect on all of the lessons you’ve learned and celebrate them all as a necessary part of your journey- even the messy bits? Notice where you might have had expectations of yourself or where you have been projecting onto others. Start to admit where you might have made mistakes. Take an inventory, a ‘soul-batical’ on your life. This is about forgiveness.

Step 4 Recover. What has happened to you does not define you. What is the story that you have been living in? Is it an empowering story? Recognise that you have a choice to dare to dream about the life you are creating.

Step 5 Re-Author How can I write a love story about my life, from the eyes of the beloved and create a new story of empowerment? I

Step 6 Reclamation. Reclaim your inner child. Remember the parts of yourself that you have abandoned along the way. Bring the whole of you back together. Remember your brilliance as well as the ‘hot mess’.

Step 7 Revolution. Activate your truth in the world and live into your new story of wholeness.

You can download your personal Bill of Rights template

If you need help navigating the physical and spiritual effects of menopause contact Pat to book a free conversation.

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