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The Secret Brain Drain

There are more women over 50 employed in the workplace than ever before but are workplace policies and practices keeping up with the needs of women who experiencing workplace menopause symptoms? And if not, what are the hidden costs to … Continue reading »

What has kindness ever done for you?

Have you ever wondered why we are kind? Today is World Kindness Day but for our own health every day should be Kindness Day. We are hardwired for kindness. That means that our brain rewards us when we are kind … Continue reading »

World Menopause Day 2017

World Menopause Day 2017 is on18 October. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of women’s midlife health issues. Many women believe that their menopause experience is controlled by their genes. But your menopause does not need to be the … Continue reading »

World Menopause Day

Saturday 18 October 2015 is World Menopause day.  This is a day that is designated by the World Health Organisation in collaboration with the International Menopause Society to put a spotlight on the health of menopausal women.  It is a … Continue reading »

Linseed for Menopause Symptoms

I have enjoyed two excellent food events in the last few weeks.  The first was a visit to Borough Market in South London where there is an amazing selection of British, European and Far Eastern foods.  The thing all of … Continue reading »