Midlife Sleep Tips

I am delighted to be making a guest appearance at the Midlife Retreat, with my good friend Kay Newton. Kay and I first met at a retreat she was facilitating in Mallorca Spain a few years ago and as they say the rest is history.

Top Sleep Tips

Kay developed the virtual retreat idea, whilst walking on the tropical beach in Zanzibar where she now lives. Kay says; ‘ I really wanted people to relax and spend time away from their normal routines and yet not everyone can fly to an exotic location as and when they want to. There are lot’s of reasons; financial or time restraints, the stress of traveling, organising loved ones left behind or even the dread of that conversation with the boss to ask for leave!

As a Midlife Stress Expert, living on a tropical island I can reach anyone, anywhere in the world via modern technology. Together we can connect share our stories, knowledge, fun and switch off from the world’.

The weekly Midlife Retreat platform allows you to listen to a weekly guest who has been invited to share their knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. You can use the chat feed to talk to others listening in or join in the conversation on screen if you wish AND I am so excited to be the first guest to talk about Sleep. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live event. As long as you register with the link below, you will be able to watch the replay at your leisure. Want to ask me a question? Just type it in and I will answer it live on the day.

Just think of it as a Mini-Me-Moment, a time to leave the worries and stresses of daily life behind and be Sensibly Selfish. Take an hour out just for you and unwind. You can even fall asleep if you wish, we won’t mind! I do hope you can join us as it is totally FREE and from the comfort of your own home!

This month Kay and I will be launching our sixth book in the ‘Quick Fix For’ series which is entitled ‘Quick Fix For Better Sleep.’ So what better timing than to go on a virtual retreat to talk about getting a good nights sleep. Sleep can be a real issue at midlife, want to know some of our tips and tricks to falling asleep quickly? Then join us on the 15th February, 9 am GMT


If you want to find out more about Kay before the Midlife Retreat check her out here: www.Kay-Newton.com