World Menopause Day 2017

World Menopause Day 2017 is on18 October. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of women’s midlife health issues.

Many women believe that their menopause experience is controlled by their genes. But your menopause does not need to be the same as your mother’s. The other significant factors that will influence your experience are:

  • Diet. The diet you have had during your lifetime is likely to be very different to the diet your mother and female relatives of her age experienced. The quantity and quality of your nutrition will influence the nature of your perimenopause.

    Nutrition advice for menopause
    Cool Recipes for Hot Women
  • Lifestyle. There are a number of lifestyle factors that have been shown to affect menopausal symptoms including exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Attitude. Research has shown that women who have a positive attitude to midlife and feel supported and respected at this stage of their lives have a better experience. Obvious really.
  • Overall health. The healthier you enter the perimenopausal stage, the healthier you will be the other side of it. That is why it is never to early to plan and prepare for a healthy menopause by considering the factors listed above. It is also a good idea to educate younger women and our daughters about menopause so that they are well informed and prepared.

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Have a cool day!