Creating a Positive Mindset

A number of clients who come to see me are experiencing issues that lead to them feeling negative emotions.  This could be because of stress, anxiety, low mood or lack of confidence.  In that frame of mind they find it hard to notice all the positive things that are going on in their lives.

Being able to see the positive aspects of your life is important for building your emotional resilience.  There are several basic tasks that I give clients to help them to put their positive goggles back on:

  • Stop watching the evening news bulletin
  • Stop reading the newspaper in the evening
  • Buy a small journal and write in it every night three gifts that they have received during that day.  The size or nature of the gifts is not important.  It is about noticing positive things.
  • Write in the journal three things that you want attract into your life

I was delighted this morning to watch this TED Talk on the subject of the gifts we receive.  I hope you enjoy it.