Is it time to stop smoking?

October is the month when the government launches it’s Stoptober campaign to encourage and help people to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is a very effective technique to help you stop smoking.  Various studies have reported success rates between 81% and 90.6%*.  They have also shown hypnosis to be more effective drug interventions, patches and will power.

I love helping clients to stop smoking at my therapy room in London but I do not accept every client who contacts me.  I know from experience that they are less likely to succeed unless they are well motivated.  According to the Australian Stoptober website, having a heart attack is the most effective motivator.  I know that was what stopped my father but sadly not soon enough.  I don’t want my clients to wait until then.

So my first question to a new client is ‘What has motivated you to stop smoking now and how strong is that motivation?’  The answers can vary from ‘I am worried about my health’, ‘I have had a stroke’ and ‘I want to save money to visit my family in Australia’ to ‘I hate the way I smell’, ‘I am seeing unsightly wrinkles around my mouth’, and ‘My teeth are discolouring’.

What would motivate you to stop smoking now?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is that motivation?  If your answer is 7 or above, contact me to discuss how I could help you.