A New Year’s Revolution for Goal Setting

At this time of year you have just bid farewell to the old year and you are goal setting for the new year.  You probably want 2015 to be at least as good as last year but probably you would like it to be better.  You might want improvements in your personal life, for example in your relationships, health, wellbeing, weight or fitness, or in your work life.

It is common to look backwards at the year that has just gone and to set your goals based on small improvements to what you already have.  But basing the future on what has gone on in the past is not helpful.  After all, would you have guessed what you achieved in since 2010 based on what you knew in 2000? So much has changed since then.

So how about trying a new technique?  Imagine it is December 31st 2015.  You are looking back over the year feeling really satisfied with everything that you have achieved in your personal, emotional and professional life.  Take a moment to think about what that would be like.  Where would you be? What would you be seeing around you?  Who would you be seeing?  How would you be feeling?  What would you be thinking? What are you loving about it?

Now let that future you guide your goal setting for this year.  Write down your most important goals.  For each goal write down some actions you are going to take towards that goal.  What can you do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, every month?  Now write those actions into your diary and calendar.

Dreams are great but action is everything.  Let’s start the first step towards your future you.

Happy New Year

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