Cool Recipes for Hot Women


Information, advice and recipes on how to eat for a healthy menopause


Are you experiencing menopause symptoms and wondering what more you can do to control them?  Packed with information, tips and recipes, this book will help you to discover the foods that will nourish your body towards a healthy menopause.

What you eat and drink provides the basic building blocks for your physical, mental and emotional health.  This book will help you to make the right food choices to thrive through your menopause and into your post-menopause years.”  Dr George Grant, PhD, IMD “The Caring Doctor”

“Cool Recipes for Hot Women is the book for you whether you are dealing with your menopause naturally or taking HRT.  This excellent book will inspire you to take a look at your diet and make positive changes.”  Kay Newton, Personal Development Coach and Author of “Sensibly Selfish; How to put the me into midlife”

“Pat and Jenny teach us that by making healthy food and lifestyle choices we can enjoy – rather than endure – our menopause and glide through it without those dreaded hot flushes, night seats and uncontrollable weight gain.”  Linda Munster, Nutritional Therapist and Award-winning author of “No Caffeine Required: What to eat to energise your working day, naturally”