Top Tips for Holistic Success

Holistic success involves taking care of your wellness and lifestyle as well as progressing your career. It isn’t possible to have a long-term successful career if your body isn’t healthy and your mind is in a constant fog.

Experiencing the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause can be a much-needed wake-up call to start paying attention to your self-care.  Women at midlife often need to find more balance in their personal and professional lives. Woman smiling

Last month on the Hot Women Rock Radio Show I interviewed Holistic Success Coach and Author Anna Letitia Cook. Anna strongly advocates wellness/wellbeing, so much so that she became a Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist to offer health and wellbeing support to her business clients as well as helping them find clarity, energy and fulfillment in career and life choices.

Anna’s Story

Anna’s career started in the London working in media and the press.  She moved to Bermuda where she worked in shipping and oil before coming back to the UK.  She created her first company in the entertainment industry at age 32.

‘I love the Rock business and I was booking bands, gigs, and venues which was fabulous. At round about the same time, as an extra, I ran ‘Activate’ for fitness and nutrition and was involved in construction with Equestrian Buildings.

I moved to Spain and changed career into real estate, being involved in more construction and property development. I still love renovations and interior design to this day.

And then I was changing countries again. I moved to France. Midlife was approaching, and I was intrigued by change. I refocused my experience, and got qualified as a business English teacher and as a career and development coach.

I’ve always done yoga and I started giving people advice about yoga and nutrition – because I’m a nutritionist as well – and about de-stressing. All of which has delightfully evolved to this wonderful appreciation and focus on holistic success!

This combination of career and wellbeing developed from the many conversations I have had with my current clients —CEOs, directors, managers and businessmen and women. They feel there isn’t enough focus on the ‘better’ things in their life amidst all the pressure on them to achieve a traditional vision of success and damn the consequences on what you are interested in, your health or your enjoyment of life!’

9 Top Tips for Holistic Success from Anna Leticia Cook
  • Incorporate the 4Fs in your life:
    • Fuel – good nutrition for your body and fueling your mind to be more positive and balanced. Woman doing yoga
    • Fitness – being physically fit gives you more energy and helps you to be more positive. Exercise helps your body to produce the hormones and chemicals for a healthier life. It makes you more resilient in body and mind.
    • Freedom – starts with freedom to think and to be, not what other people think. Thinking your own thoughts and beliefs. Find out who you really are. Accept who you are.
    • Fulfilment – Make choices that give you peace of mind and lead to your fulfilment.
  • Think about the long game and not the immediate short-term goals. At midlife you are setting the foundations for the rest of your life. Open your eyes to possibilities that you could explore one step at a time.
  • A positive outlook will help you in your career as well as your personal and family lives.
  • Give yourself credit for the experience and knowledge you have worked so hard for.
  • Gift yourself the freedom to say ‘no’ and step out in the world in your own skin without feeling pressured by others.
  • Make time for yourself even if it is only ten minutes a day to recharge your batteries. Go for a walk, read a book, meditate, do some yoga or anything else that gives you some ‘down time’.
  • Create a routine for the tasks you do regularly.
  • Get regular good quality sleep. Meditation apps can be very helpful. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and conducive for sleep. It will give you more energy and time, and reduce your stress. Walking in nature can help you get better sleep.
  • Fun and relaxation are not ‘dirty words’ but essential for doing everything else well both in our career and personal life

As a bonus from Anna you can access Scope Workbook Module 1 to take the first step to Holistic Success in your career, your life and your choices.

If you need more support in your menopause journey, contact Pat Duckworth to arrange a free chat.

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