Make a Resolution or Create an Intention?

Are you one of those amazing people who makes a resolution on 1 January and sticks to it? Well done! You are awesome. You don’t need to read on unless you are curious.

If, like me, you make a resolution and forget it by mid-January, it is time to do something different. It is time to create a powerful intention. The technique that works for me is to ask my future self to send me a letter about what happened during the coming year. I know that sounds weird but bear with me.

Read this through and then close your eyes. Imagine yourself at the end of 2016. What would future you be really proud of you achieving during that year? What would be so important that achieving it would mean everything to you? Which of your skills and strengths did you use during the year? What did you believe about yourself?

Now write your letter congratulating yourself on your achievements. Pin it up somewhere prominent so that you can refer to it during the year. You might be surprised how much of it happens.

Here is my Letter from future Pat:

Dear Pat

Well done. I thought 2015 was amazing but 2016 was even better. There were challenges and obstacles along the way but you kept going and found ways to reach your goals.

The decision to cut down on meat, dairy and sugar has paid dividends for your health and well-being during the year. The commitment to exercise 5 days a week has kept you toned up. The regular practice of T’ai Chi has helped to keep you centered and focused.

In 2015 you defined success as ‘Anything that I achieve that makes me smile’. That worked well in 2016. Your achievement with clients, the presentations and the courses you have delivered have all made you smile. In particular, I am impressed that you published your fourth book in May 2016. It is helping so many women.

Your business trips to America and India were amazing. You have made some wonderful new friends. Most importantly, you spent time with your old friends and created more wonderful memories.

Thank you for everything you did.


I intend that you will have a great 2016. Happy New Year!