Training Options

Pat Duckworth offers a range of training options for organisations committed to supporting female colleagues through the experience of menopause. She can also tailor workshops to the individual requirements of your organisation.

Menopause Workshops and Training

Lunch and Learn
Menopause in the Workplace Essentials


  • 60 or 90 minute workshop for employees and managers
  • The symptoms of menopause and the potential impact on performance
  • How to make reasonable adjustments
  • Creating and implementing a Menopause Policy


  • More understanding
  • Ability to provide support to female colleagues
  • Confidence in being able to ask for support
  • Lower impact on performance and attendance
Workshops for Female Colleagues
Menopause Mastery
  • 1/2 Day or 1 Day workshop
  • Expert advice from a menopause specialist
  • Tips and practical suggestions to create a plan for a healthier menopause

    Menopause Training

  • Guidance for women to seek the support in the workplace


  • Feeling happier and healthier at work and at home
  • Less sick leave
  • Higher performance
  • Confidence to be able to seek help in the workplace
Menopause Training for Line Managers

Managing Menopause in the Workplace

  • 1/2 Day Training
  • Understanding the symptoms that female colleagues may experience
  • How to have a conversation about menopause
  • Reasonable adjustments in the workplace and employment law
  • Sharing best practice


  • An understanding of the business benefits of supporting women at menopause
  • Improved staff performance
  • Confidence to speak to female colleagues and offer support
On Line Training
Smarter Menopause

Smarter Menopause(c) is an on line programme to provide women with all the knowledge and information they need to support them through the experience of menopause. Contact me if you would be interested in discussing how to make this available to your colleagues.

One-to-One Coaching

I offer a call-off contract for organisations who want to provide personalised support to female colleagues.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss your menopause training requirements email me with your contact details so that we can arrange a call.