Client Testimonials

Reading testimonials from my clients about their experience of working with me can help you to feel more confident about how this approach could work for you:

Phobia Testimonial

I was recently asked to work with Journalist, Eleanor Dickinson.  Read about her experience:

Testimonial from journalist, Eleanor Dickinson

Pat working with journalist, Eleanor Dickinson

Menopause Testimonials:

“I used the [hypnotic recording] tape a lot initially. At present I have perhaps 5 flushes per week, which is a big reduction. The trigger is stress/anxiety eg work deadlines, family issues. Overall, they do not seem to bother me as much. I suspect that the message “this is normal” is effective.” Dr CM Cambs

“I’m a 52 year old woman who needed some help and advice regarding the menopause and in particular ‘hot flushes’. I’d tried various homeopathic remedies without success and was reluctant to go down the HRT route.
Talking to Pat has been incredible, as she not only understands what you’re experiencing, but also explains what to do about it. My hot flushes which were making my life pretty miserable, are now much reduced. She has shown me what my individual triggers are for them and how to control them. The sessions I’ve had with Pat have been hugely beneficial, and have covered many things including diet, stress reduction and getting my work/home balance where I want it to be.
Pat has a wealth of ideas and techniques that she teaches you through, as well as informative emails tailored to your specific needs. She is also easy to talk to with a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend her to anyone!” Mrs KT, Herts

Public Speaking Testimonials

‘I just wanted to let you know that I had my first big presentation today and it went really well, I managed to keep my nerves in check most of the time (I did have a couple of wobbles). Thank you so much, I look forward to finding it easier and easier!’ LD Cambs

Anxiety Testimonials:

‘I wanted to let you know that the sessions I had with you two years ago have continued to be beneficial. When I came to see you I was experiencing anxiety and low mood, and felt unable to make the changes I needed to make to improve my life. Since our sessions I am feeling much more positive. I have moved on from my job and enrolled to start the teaching qualification I talked about. I am amazed at how much we achieved in two sessions.’ J Coventry

“Thank you so much for your help over the past few months. I am so glad I came to you to sort out an issue that had been simmering under the surface for too long. The ‘mental tools’ you gave me have helped to clear things up and I am confident I can use them again in the future if I need to. Without hesitation I will recommend your services to others. Thank you again.” Mrs AAZ, Cambs

‘Very useful sessions which helped me in a variety of ways and helped me to gain a better understand and perspective on things. I would highly recommend to anyone struggling in any area of their life.”  Mrs LK., Hertfordshire

“Thank you so much for all your guidance. I have gained so much from your sessions and will continue to practice all that I have learnt and notice the positive changes.” Mrs SD, Hertfordshire

I can’t thank Pat enough for helping me to come to terms with some traumatic issues that I’ve buried for 30 years. Pat is very personable and gets to the nub of the issue in a relaxed and caring way. The sessions have been truly amazing and I’m certainly making good progress. In the three sessions I’ve had to date, Pat has provided some enlightening in sights and really made me think differently. I honestly can’t thank Pat enough – she’s amazing!Ms AT Cambs

Client Testimonials from Canada

Canadian Client Testimonial

Relationships Testimonials:

“Pat has the very special quality of making you feel at ease the moment you enter the treatment room. She is very professional and clearly knows her craft. Most importantly, I felt safe to fully engage in the treatment and the results of the treatment where phenomenal.  I was so happy with Pats treatment that I took my daughter to her and also my partner. They too had great benefit and we would whole heartedly recommend Pat to anyone who is thinking about having treatment with her.” Mrs MT Cambs

Confidence Testimonials:

‘Since my session with you I have been driving an 18ton truck  down to Hambledon in Surrey and through central London on numerous occasions would you believe it!!! Although I still find it a bit daunting and I still doubt myself on occasions I am able to overcome my fears.

I want to thank you Pat for helping me find a way through my emotions. I have used hypnosis twice now and have been so impressed with how it can help people through what they perceive to be impossible situations. If I ever need to, I hope I can come back and see you….. you have helped me immensely so I thank you once again.‘ Ms DF, Herts

“The confidence I found with you has really, really helped. I can just walk in and talk to strangers openly now and not worry at all about what they are thinking.”  Mrs MM (Cambs)

“I have been meaning to report that I have been regularly using your CD, though not usually at night as it sent me to sleep before I heard it all!  So I relaxed with it daily and took in its messages, feeling increasingly confident and certainly less uptight about it all.

Regular use meant that I was able to relax completely  yesterday morning while listening to it so that I set off for my warm-up and the exam in a less fraught condition.  I have also been reinforcing my trigger on a daily basis but have often failed to remember to use it. I needed it in my exam to regain my composure after a glitch and it worked.  So thank you for all you did for me.”  Mrs LS, Richmond

“I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for all your help. I listened to your recording, visualised and rehearsed my presentation and it went really well. I am super pleased. My heart was beating fast but I didn’t have any thoughts that this was all going to go wrong or I couldn’t do it I was focused and positive. On top of that when I came into the office this morning the trainer was unwell so I had to run 2 training sessions today using her notes and finding my way through! It all went well and I know that’s because of your help. Thank you so much!” Ms SH, London

Depression Testimonials;

“I found Pat’s approach insightful and very practical and down to earth. She took me though a series of ‘mind’ techniques which proved very effective in helping me to relax and also helped me to both sort out the past and focus more clearly on new pathways for the future”.  Mr JS, Cambs

“I have suffered really badly with Anxiety and depression it consumed my life and until recently I saw no way out of the black hole and obsessional thoughts -someone suggested seeing Pat and I am so glad I did. She has not only changed the way I think but changed my outlook on problems, situations and my life! I knew our brains were amazing and powerful but I had no idea I could change the way I think for the better forever. I was anxious at first but Pat put me at ease in minutes, she listened and I knew she understood. Within a very short space of time condition seems to have lifted like a mist and I no longer fear thinking but I am enjoying living! I wish I had contacted her sooner and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone I know.”  Mrs S Suffolk

Weight Loss Testimonials

“I met Pat through a networking organisation. I find her very personable, friendly and someone I could trust to have hypnotherapy with. Her facilities put you at ease, and I came out feeling positive and relaxed. She also followed up the sessions with activities. If you have thought about hypnotherapy before I can fully recommend Pat.” Mrs LP, London

“It has only been a few weeks since I talked to Pat about hypnotherapy for my weight issue. The recordings she made for me after our session have been just the kick-start I needed. I listen to them most days and I have noticed a huge change in my thought process without having to do much work at all!

I have suffered the past ten years with weight. Prior to that I was a serial yo-yo dieter and although I had kicked that habit, I was still carrying too much weight for my frame and my back was giving me serious concern.

It is early days, I have a long way to go, yet I am already amazed at how my eating, drinking, and exercise patterns have changed and how my back is appreciating the new me.” Mrs KN, Tanzania

“Playing the [weight loss] CD seems to be changing my mindset towards not only myself but also how to cope with other issues.  For example, when going round the supermarket…I’m hearing your words from the CD and this seems to be working…Hearing how you’ve personalised the content…makes me smile every time I hear them.  So thanks for that!”  Mrs JH, Cambs

“Now, after my own experience, I recommend your hypnosis to all, for specific problems, like losing weight, or to stop smoking, or help with insomnia or depression, but more than that, because my experience has been totally holistic – I have tackled my weight problem, (currently down two sizes and still going) – I feel grounded, I feel focused, I sleep well, feel calm and I am enjoying life to the full again.

What has happened to me since has been truly wonderful, not only have I lost a considerable amount of weight, but I have renewed my zest for life and that is more important to me than the weight loss – it sounds dramatic – it is!!!  So, once again Pat, thank you.  I commend you and wish you continued success with your practice.”  Mrs JH, Brighton

Phobia Testimonials:

‘Thank you for making such a difference [to my fear of heights].  I am now much more confident and enjoying a marvellous holiday.  I have been cliff walking without a qualm and enjoying meeting interesting people on this trip.”         Mrs SH, Royston

“Flying is now not so stressful thanks to you!  I listened to your relaxation track before I got on the plane and composed myself.  We had a fab holiday and feel refreshed. Thank you!” Ms KB, Herts

For over 30 years I have had a phobia – black/brown dogs of reasonable size, German Shepherds in particular.  As a child I was attacked twice – and throughout my adult life I have remained very wary around dogs but in particular those of such colouring.

Pat offered to help ages ago …….. but only recently did I take up her offer when faced with visiting a friend with a black German Shepherd!  I had avoided visiting her for two years because of my fear.  Just 15 minutes with Pat, and a very amusing 15 minutes too, was all it required!  I was calm on arriving at my friends house, and immediately bonded with her dog and started to play ball!    In the 24 hours I spent with her and her dog, I felt calm and at ease.

After 30 years of fear,  15 minutes of fun is all it took!  Thank you Pat. X”       Mrs JC-L, Sussex

“Two years ago you gave me just one treatment for my fear of heights. We have just returned from our holiday in Switzerland; which was wonderful.  It was wonderful because I was able to go on cablecars, go up mountains on trains. All without the slightest feeling of concern. Looking out on the beautiful scenery and even looking down on a flying eagle is priceless. Thank you Pat, this is all down to you.” Mrs SG, Herts

“I have suffered from a debilitating fear of heights. I decided to do something about it and saw Pat. She did very useful visualization exercises with me. I was able to climb up to trees in an adventure park. It was a profound emotional experience for me, being able to break free from my fear. I was able to calm myself up in the trees using Pats exercises. Thank you thank you thank you Pat! Pat is also a wonderful woman, a great communicator and a truly beautiful soul!”  Ms JT London

Stop smoking Testimonials

‘Since seeing you I haven’t had or wanted a cigarette. I feel very differently about giving up this time and very sure I won’t ever start again.  In the first few days I used the pressure point quite a lot, it definitely helped with the cravings.

The recording was definitely the most helpful for me. I listened to it every day for the first 10 days. I haven’t felt I’ve needed to listen to it but I know it’s there if I need it. I can remember the positive things from it and they help me. I haven’t had any negative effects, like a cough, it was as if I’d never smoked. I feel healthier, cleaner, free from the control it had, happier and guilt free. I don’t even think about it anymore!

So a huge thank you to you.’ Ms L B, Cambs

Life Coaching Testimonials

“When I came to see you for coaching I had been jobless for 3 months, my social life was poor  and I was starting to feel depressed.  Since our session I have been working part time and I will be going full time next week.  I completed my college course.  I have started going to the gym and I have joined a social group.  I am looking into meditation as a way of helping me relax.  All the work I’m doing includes aspects of the things I’d visualised during our session.  I think your coaching is brilliant!’ GL, Cambridge

Confident Presentation Workshop Testimonials:

Your course has opened my mind to yet another area of life.  Initially I thought I had to just get over the fear of standing up in front of a group and speaking.

I think a shift for me was when I realised that It’s all about what you say and how you say it and not about me as a person.  To be honest this is probably the first time in my life I really have something I want to say and feel so passionate about .  So when I realised that was the important thing and began to see how important how you said it was then it took the pressure off me!

The other shift in my thinking happened in the first session when you said you enjoyed it and I changed my goal from ‘get over the fear’ to ‘enjoy it’.  Maybe not straight away but soon.  

Your course has started me on a journey- which I knew I wanted to go and didn’t have any of the necessary skills.  Actually I had closed my mind to it and didn’t know what the skills were. You have warmth and humour and so much more.  Basically take your list of a good presenter should and you did it! I could listen to you for hours!”  Mrs H W, Cambs